01 December, 2014

Material Matters: Wool

Warm, comfortable and protective, wool is the cosiest material of them all. We particularly like natural, undid shades and their many variations, which result from the breed and location of the sheep. We are ardent admirers of artist Joseph Beuys. You may detect a nod towards his work in our 'felty' still life.

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  • 01 November, 2014

    Material Matters: Cardboard

    At LABOUR AND WAIT, we seem to spend our days in a sea of cardboard. Shipments arriving, orders leaving and a great deal of unpacking in between. Here is a material that really deserves its place in our calendar. Our mail-order team in particular have grown to love cardboard and its infinite possibilities.

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  • 01 October, 2014

    Material Matters: Iron

    The sheer weight and robustness of iron demands particular respect. Iron has a 'no-nonsense' sensibility. From heavy machinery to small kitchen items, this material is more versatile than one might suppose. We love its sculptural qualities: in the right hands, iron can take on surprisingly sophisticated forms.

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  • 01 September, 2014

    Material Matters: Ceramics

    From shiny glazed china to rustic hand-made pottery, ceramics are a part of our everyday lives. We are very enthusiastic about studio pottery in particular, and have studio jugs, bowls and mugs in daily use at home. Our still life for September has a calm serenity which might almost recall a painting by Giorgio Morandi.

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  • 01 August, 2014

    Material Matters: String

    Soon after opening LABOUR AND WAIT, we realised that we were not alone in our love of string. We pride ourselves on keeping a wide selection in stock. Humble and versatile, a ball of string should always be within arm's reach.

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  • 01 July, 2014

    Material Matters: Rubber

    We have always enjoyed the comic potential of rubber objects. More seriously, whether as a pair of protective gloves or the business end of a sink plunger, rubber offers flexibility, water-resistance and insulation. We enjoy its matt surfaces, and subdued colours.

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  • 01 June, 2014

    Material Matters: Enamel

    What would LABOUR AND WAIT be without enamel? We were determined to champion this material from the very start. Overlooked for many years, enamel has recently enjoyed a revival to which we like to think we may have contributed. Enamel is again prized for its functionality as it was in the past, but now also for its green credentials.

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  • 01 May, 2014

    Material Matters: Linen

    The innate beauty of natural linen is enduring. Rustic, yet at the same time sophisticated, this must be one of nature's most refined fibres. Soft but incredibly strong, linen has many applications. We love the texture of upholsterers webbing and linen scrim. A pile of freshly-ironed linen tea towels is a pleasure to behold!

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  • 01 April, 2014

    Material Matters: Plastic

    Though often shunned as a cheap material, plastic, we believe, can be beautiful. We have always admired the earlier types of plastic, with their mottled and marble-like appearance: Bandalasta, Bakelite, the poetically named Linga-Longa ware and Beetleware to name but a few. More recently, we have come to appreciate newer recycled plastics.

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  • 01 March, 2014

    Material Matters: Metal

    Cold and clean, metal combines strength with precision. These steely objects mean business. Even archaic forms take on a modern, industrial look when made from steel or aluminium. Brushed metallic surfaces reflect light in a unique manner. 'All that glisters is not gold' ... indeed for us, a steely scene as far more allure.

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  • 01 February, 2014

    Material Matters: Glass

    We particularly relish the clinical, 'laboratory' connotations of glass. We find its clean lines and transparency very appealing. Plain glass catches the light and can take on surprising colours when viewed from an angle. Brown apothecary glass is a particular favourite, though a plain glass tumbler is also a joy.

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  • 01 January, 2014

    Material Matters: Wood

    The natural, tactile qualities of wood speak for themselves. Warm to the touch, wooden objects tend to mellow over time. In fact, they often look better the more they are used, displaying their scuffs and scratches as badges of honour. Wood is a truly timeless material. We would never be without a wooden scrubbing brush or ruler.

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  • 28 December, 2013

    Material Matters Calendar

    Throughout the new year we will be sharing each monthly image from our 2014 calendar.

    Among the key criteria for selecting our products is the type and quality of the materials used. Each must be fit for purpose and long lasting. We appreciate the tactile surfaces and innate qualities of the different materials we come across; many seem to crop up again and again. In this years calendar, we celebrate the unique characteristics of twelve of our favourite materials. They appear in a series of still-lives, in which utilitarian, sometimes overlooked, objects are given closer scrutiny.

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