Have you had trouble placing an order? Our website should be simple to use, but there are issues with payment security and with international shipping which may make placing orders difficult.

Online credit card transactions are often insecure and are a major source of fraud. To combat this we have very tight security on our credit card authorisations.

If your order has not been authorised it will most likely be because of an AVS ( Address Verification System ) error. This means that the billing address information entered does not match the address information held by your card issuer. 

All transactions with unmatching postcodes will automatically fail the AVS.

If your order has not been authorised please check your address details and try again. If you are still having trouble you can call us on 020 7729 6253.

If you have received an error message saying

"The shipping method you selected is not available. Please choose another shipping method, or check the Help page"

it will be because we do not have shipping rates set up for your country. If this is the case, please contact us and we will either add shipping rates or manually process the transaction.